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What is an On-screen Keyboard?

An on-screen keyboard is a software only approach that creates a virtual keyboard emulator. A keyboard image is visually displayed to the user, where the keys are "typed" (clicked) via the pointing device (whether mouse, trackball, pen, touchscreen, etc.). The software interfaces with the operating system, which is "told" that keystrokes are being generated (as if by a physical keyboard). Any underlying software application used by the operator then reacts as though the keystrokes were typed from a physical keyboard. This creates an entirely new way for computer operators to work with applications. For example, with a touchscreen interface and an on-screen keyboard, the user can operate the system without the need for a mouse or physical keyboard.
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Why do I need an On-screen Keyboard?

If you are asking this question, there is a good chance you don't - however, numerous companies around the world are taking advantage of the advanced human interface that allows interaction with a computer from one interface device. The intuitiveness of pointing & clicking that made the Graphical User Interface (GUI) so widely accepted, has evolved to become a complete solution by enabling names, passwords, and quick text/character entry via the pointing device utilizing an on-screen keyboard. With the advent of voice-recognition enabling dictation for extended text entry, the on-screen keyboard becomes an integral part of advanced systems. If you are a touch-typist and use your keyboard exclusively for word processing, you may never need an on-screen keyboard. However, this is only one of thousands upon thousands of uses for computers.
Original ID: IG223500
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What is the difference between My-T-Mouse / My-T-Pen / My-T-Touch / My-T-Soft?
Why so many options?

The original product developed in 1992 was My-T-Mouse - "My Typing Mouse". As time went by and the pen and touchscreen interfaces became more popular, we were questioned if our "Mouse" product worked with these devices - My-T-Pen and My-T-Touch were born. To address other virtual pointing device and technologies, My-T-Soft ("My Typing Software") was created - the name with no reference to any pointing device. Currently, My-T-Pen / My-T-Touch / and My-T-Soft (and numerous other private label versions) contain the same features, and are aimed at the commercial / industrial world. My-T-Mouse is for the home mouse / trackball user. OnScreen is the name for the Assistive Technology version of My-T-Soft (originally released as My-T-Soft AT).

As a software based virtual keyboard, our customers have requirements that address a wide-range of uses. Stop for a minute, and think about all the places in the world that have physical keyboards, keypads, or buttons. Then imagine all the flexilbility that a pure software implementation provides. Then realize that as individuals, specific needs and requirements can change for different applications. Finally add-in business and commercial aspects of creating an economically viable technological solution, and hopefully you can begin to appreciate why there are so many options.

For Windows, the 2 main options are My-T-Soft Professional and My-T-Soft Basic. My-T-Soft Professional contains both the original capabilities of the software as well as the Build-A-Board Run-time customization capabilities, while My-T-Soft Basic can only run Build-A-Board created layouts. If you only are going to run custom layouts, the Build-A-Board run-time licensing options or My-T-Soft Basic is all you need. If you need system logon and legacy capabilities, along with a full featured user interface/keyboard, then My-T-Soft Professional is what you want.

Original ID: IG223600

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Why do you have license requirements, and What are the Licensing Options?

The standard retail product is licensed via Certificate of Authenticity, or electronically with unlock codes. As long as you go through the setup and use the License information provided, you should have no problems. The reason we license our software is to keep our prices reasonable - prior to the license schemes we dealt with legitimate users & companies who had no problem using the software without paying for each installation. This lost revenue prevented us from feeding our programmers, and they complained - as long as food, clothing, and shelter cost money, we need to charge for our licenses to support existing software, address the constantly changing computer industry, develop new desirable features, and continue to focus our efforts on productive endeavors.

IMG has been in business since 1995, and the only way to be successful for that long is to consistently provide value to our customers. We do understand that the license requirements sometimes affects our customers, but overall this is a relatively small inconvenience, and it is balanced by providing our customers with high-quality product & technical support (which is often appreciated!). We also appreciate all of our customer's efforts, and are always open to suggestions.

We have numerous licensing schemes to make our customer's lives as easy as possible, and have regularly updated the license process to resolve any issues. If you feel the licensing requirements on your part is difficult, please let us know - there may be an existing scheme available that will meet your needs.

Original ID: IG223700
Category: GeneralType: Information Product: General Issue


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